Luke 1:46-56

again? What would Jesus do? You are living your life, and Jesus is by your side. You are in the most beautiful sacred place you can imagine. In this place, there are priceless items. Maybe that irreplaceable jar that your great grandmother made by hand. Maybe it is a stained-glass window… Jesus nudges you, calls you, guides you along a Holy Path (prevenient grace). Even with Jesus nudging you and guiding you, you break one of these priceless things (we all break things. We are imperfect!) Surrounding you are broken bits of priceless beauty, and you cut yourself too! You are broken and bleeding… you refuse Jesus’ help (because we can do it ourselves!) Then you stop saying no, you stop pushing him away, you welcome in the healing presence… Jesus doesn’t instantly make you better, he doesn’t make you perfect, but he stops the bleeding (Justifying Grace). Like a Trauma Doctor in an ER. Then, he invites you to learn, grow, help clean up the mess, others come alongside you, together you learn to live your best lives (Sanctifying Grace). You learn to be compassionate, and curious, and hopeful, and…. Then what? What would Jesus do? Join us for this final week of advent in our series on Mary and God’s grace at work in our lives. Let’s look to see how God shows up in Mary’s song from Luke 1:46-56.

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