Luke 1:26-38

What would Jesus do? Jesus and you are in the most beautiful sacred place, your life. There are priceless things in your life… priceless relationships. Priceless moments. Treasures beyond measure. Jesus IS walking in your life with you… nudging you, calling you, guiding you… in ways you can see, in ways you can’t see, in ways that you can sense in the moments of stillness and quiet. And still you break things. We all break things. We bring ourselves and our loved ones pain. We make choices that are not grounded in love but fear. In our lives we are surrounded by broken, priceless pieces of our story. We are broken. Bleeding. Jesus nudging you, calling you, guiding you… how do you respond? In what ways do you wrestle with his work in your life? What would Jesus do? Would Jesus do nothing, not pushing himself on us until we say a prayer? Would Jesus cover us up so God cannot see that we are less than perfect? Would Jesus give us a list of thing to do… confession, worship, prayer… What would Jesus do?

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