My name is Tiffany Keith, I am a pastor in the Mountain Sky Conference of the United Methodist Church. I deeply value curiosity and spend much of my time creating communities that are compassionate, brave, and unapologetically connectional.


From the beginning of my Christian journey, sermons have shaped my faith. There is power in both hearing sermons and writing them.

Here are some of my sermons.

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Tiffany Keith

And In Our Songs We Will Praise You

This extravagant, beautiful love, this is our strength and our shield as we take this journey through living… it is this wild, extravagant, grace that we put our trust in, that gives us courage… that invites us to the dance floor to discover a joy beyond understanding. It is this extravagantly boundless love that invites us to become wild hearts ourselves, it is this vision of God’s wild heart that we, as a community, will strive to live into.

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